A good website should hold

                                          the users attention and not

                                        let go. It should have great

                                     content in a great space.

                                  Websites are not used to

                                 just capture viewers and

                              pay attention to the content

                            on the page. They are a

                         INTERACTIVE space. You do

                       not want a dull website, it

                     would not get any attention.

                  Although, you must

                remember to keep is simple

             and not overwhelm to user.

            This is what we strive to do

         at Vivid Innovations. We

        keep the content simple and

      the experience unique.

                                            Great visuals are a must it is in

                                          fact a form of entertainment,

                                       and people will stay to see if it

                                     will entertain them. Graphics

                                   not only interest a user to stay

                                on your site. They can also help

                               teach the viewer who you are.

                              Such as a added leaf in your

                             logo, which could mean that

                         your Eco-friendly, or a bird to

                        show that you are an airliner

                    due to flight. Pictures are a

                   very important factor when

                dealing with on-line media.

            Which is why we use and make

            graphics fit for your needs.

                                    Content on websites that we

                             create will always be presented

                                in a manner that will interest

                            your target market and more!

                         We strive to get you full point

                        across and hook the viewers

                     into your website. We want

                 others to return to your site.

              Show their friends, families,

             and peers. We will help them

              want to  become an expert of

          your products,style, and

      content. Your website will be

     able to clearly present content

   in a way that you want.